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Ready to launch
& scale your SaaS?

Feeling overwhelmed with the idea of starting or scaling your SaaS business? Do you find it difficult to come up with a winning idea, validate it, and build a profitable product?
The Solution: Transform your SaaS journey with this ultimate SaaS Course to start, launch, build & scale your own SaaS from scratch.
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Mike Strives
About me

I Built, Scaled, & Sold
my SaaS for $1,000,000+

Hey, I'm Mike! 👋 Nice to e-meet you! Since 2010, I've been building online businesses. Some failed, and some succeeded. In 2018 I started building a SaaS, which I successfully scaled to $50,000 MRR 🚀 and later on, in 2023, sold for over $1,000,000 💰. This course is packed with all of my lessons learned, uncovering all the dos and don'ts, with one goal in mind:

Getting YOU successful in SaaS! 💪
Course Features

Everything you need to start and scale.

Designed for both aspiring and established SaaS entrepreneurs.


You'll learn how to come up with an idea and how to validate.


You'll learn how to build with code or no-code tools or how to oursource your project.


You'll learn how to do marketing, sales, and scale your SaaS to the next level.


You'll be able to join the highly active and helpful Zero to SaaS community and learn from peers.
Course Content

What's inside?

We'll focus on every aspect of building and scaling a SaaS.

Build a winning product

How to build a SaaS

Grow (without) a team


Product development

Get your first customers

Your first 1000 customers

Marketing that works

Beat competition

Launch your product

No-code tools

Scale to $100,000

Start with NO money

How to Beta-Launch

Build sales funnels

Validate your idea


Sell your SaaS

What others think.

Let's get you a winning SaaS product as well!
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"The course is super interactive and packed with value"
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"Honestly, I wish I'd discovered this course sooner."
Head of Product
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"Well explained with video, handouts, and visuals"
Founder Hypefury
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"Learned some pretty interesting marketing hacks to apply."
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"Bought multiple SaaS courses, but this one's by far the most practical."
AI SaaS Entrepreneur
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"Mike has a track record and I love how he has packed his knowledge in this course."
Product Manager

What you'll get


All you need to start, launch your SaaS.


An active community of
like-minded peers.


All the resources you need
to start today.

Join our SaaS Community

With Zero to SaaS, you'll gain access to a proven roadmap and a supportive community of like-minded peers, empowering you to transform your SaaS dreams into reality. Say goodbye to confusion and frustration – enroll in Zero to SaaS and start building your SaaS empire today!